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Laichi focus on the development of elastic nonwoven fabrics. After two years of research and development, the performance of elastic nonwovens such as ductility, resilience and comfort have reached the industry's high quality. Buy good elastic nonwoven fabric, we Laichi is a trustworthy partner.

The characteristics of Laichi elastic nonwoven fabric

1, elastic spandex wire

High tensile recovery, products online and surface layer non-woven composite to form longitudinal tensile non-woven, mature process, low cost.

2, hot melt elastomer

Elastomer spinneret and surface layer non-woven fabric are combined to form longitudinal elastic non-woven fabric.

3. Four-sided non-woven fabric/film

Adhesive process production, elastomer spinnetting, forming and winding, products online and surface layer non-woven composite to form longitudinal stretch non-woven fabric.

The two-component double-layer/multi-layer mesh imitation adhesive process is produced, and the longitudinal elasticity is activated during the production of the product, and the surface layer non-woven fabric is combined to form a longitudinal tensile non-woven fabric.

The elastic nonwoven fabric produced by Laichi is thinner than paper towels, soft and smooth to the touch, can be stretched several times at will, and the retraction is soft and slow. Spandex made of elastic fabric, elastic non-woven fabric has many advantages: good elasticity, maximum stretch 3 times, so that wear more fit; Small resilience to avoid strangulation or allergies; Recyclable, scraps can be used to manufacture plates and other products; It can be degraded, and there is no emission of three wastes in the production process, which is conducive to environmental protection. With many features, the product is widely used in baby diaper waist, eye mask ear strap, mask ear strap, fitness belt, knee pads and other products.

Dongyang Lai Chi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of more than 40 million square meters of elastic non-woven production line, SSS nonwoven production line, SMS non-woven production line, and a series of elastic deep processing equipment, professional production and sales nonwoven fabric, spinning Nonwoven fabricelastic nonwoven fabric, medical nonwoven fabric, is your trusted nonwoven manufacturer .

Lai Chi products are: nonwoven fabric, spinning Nonwoven fabricelastic nonwoven fabric, medical nonwoven fabrics and so on.

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