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Elastic nonwoven advantage
  • Laichi stretch non-woven fabric has good performance, comfortable wear and soft handfeel. It is used in many products, such as masks, baby diapers, eye masks, masks, etc. The many advantages of elastic non-woven fabric make it in the environment of non-woven fabrics. The middle and deep are loved by the public.

  • Description
  • Elastic nonwovens are a rare special material. Lai Chi's elastic non-woven technology does not incorporate elastic rubber. The elasticity of the elastic non-woven fabric is the memory of the fiber positioning, which produces the pulling force; therefore, the elastic non-woven fabric has the characteristics of high ductility and soft retraction force of more than 200%. Such high ductility and low tensile strength properties are applied to many products, allowing the wearer to fit and eliminate the strain or allergies caused by the elastic band.

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