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Elastic non-woven fabric
  • Elastic non-woven fabric, hygienic elastic non-woven fabric, medical elastic non-woven fabric, SSS non-woven fabric, SMS medical non-woven fabric

  • Description
  • Elastic nonwovens are a special material that has never been seen before. Our exclusive flexible nonwoven technology does not incorporate elastomeric glue. The elasticity of the elastic non-woven fabric is the memory property of the fiber positioning, which produces the pulling force; therefore, the unique point of the elastic non-woven fabric is that it has a high elongation of 200% or more and a gentle retracting force. Such high ductility and low tensile strength properties are applied to many products, allowing the wearer to fit and eliminate the strain or allergies caused by the elastic band.

    Dongyang Laichi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. now has an annual output of more than 40 million square meters of elastic non-woven fabric production line, SSS non-woven fabric production line, SMS non-woven fabric production line and a series of elastic deep processing equipment. Adhesive non-woven fabrics, elastic non-woven fabrics and medical non-woven fabrics are your trusted non-woven fabric manufacturers.

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