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[Work strong chain! Qingdao textile and garment industry digital promotion meeting]
Release date:[2023/6/7] Is reading[63]次

On the morning of the 6th, Qingdao Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Qingdao Communications Administration Bureau, China United Network Communications Co., LTD. Qingdao branch, China Industrial Internet Research Institute Shandong branch, Qingdao Industrial Internet Research Institute, Qingdao Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Center, Qingdao textile and garment Industry Association jointly organized the "industrial strong chain" Qingdao textile and garment industry digital promotion meeting in Qingdao Zhao Yan, Deputy Mayor of Qingdao, attended the meeting, Zhang Jincan, Deputy Director of Qingdao Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Xiaobing, General manager of Qingdao Unicom Party Secretary, delivered a speech, and Fan Wei, deputy head of China Unicom Garment Manufacturing Corps and other leaders attended the meeting. Experts and scholars from China Textile Association, China Federation of Trade Unions, Shandong University, and the national excellent platform service providers led by Unicom Garment Manufacturing Corps, as well as dozens of local textile and garment enterprises attended the meeting.

In order to deepen the construction of "Industrial Power Qingdao smart Building strong City", the Qingdao Municipal government, on the basis of industrial empowerment scene docking, focuses on building traditional advantageous industrial chain, launches a series of digital transformation actions of "industrial power chain", and enables the high-end, intelligent and green development of traditional advantageous industries. As the first series of digital transformation activities, this conference focused on the textile and garment industry chain, with the theme of "strengthening the chain, 'weaving' creating the future", Qingdao Textile and garment Industry Service Alliance conducted a strategic signing and issued the "Qingdao Textile and garment Industry Digital Transformation Implementation Guide". Qingdao Unicom and the company held a strategic signing.

At the same time, we also invited China Textile Federation, Unicom Clothing Corps, Shandong University, Shandong Branch of China Industrial Internet Research Institute and other expert leaders to express their views on the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry, and invited Zhongdi home textile, appropriate technology, Qianfeng hat industry, Lanzhong data, Zhiyi, Chinese translation and other customer and supplier representatives to speak.

As the mother industry of the city, Qingdao textile and garment industry has gone through a development course of more than 120 years, and has created a brilliant "green sky". After 45 years of transformation and development of reform and opening up, Qingdao now has 3 national characteristic industrial clusters, such as China's famous textile city, China's famous children's wear city, and China's hometown of hat making, 2 international textile and garment creative pilot parks, such as Textile Valley and Oriental Fashion, and 1 national demonstration base of new industrialization in Jimo Textile and Garment. Qingdao textile and garment industry seize the opportunity to take the lead in breaking through, Haizhiyun released the world's first factory, store, home scene industrial Internet platform, cool intelligence to create a new model of large-scale personalized customization of China's clothing industry, namely, Xueda, Zhongdi, Qianfeng hat art, grand textile machinery and other backbone enterprises have become the industry's intelligent manufacturing benchmark. The problems of small scale of enterprises in the industry, scattered industries, weak innovation ability and brand strength, and high and low digital transformation points are still prominent, which have become bottlenecks restricting industrial transformation and upgrading, improving quality and efficiency.

The convening of the conference aims to further stimulate the vitality of the Qingdao textile and garment industry, accelerate the "benchmarking" of the whole industry, and promote the exchange and resource integration between regional textile and garment enterprises. Discuss the digital transformation of the textile and garment industry, solicit opinions and suggestions from representatives of relevant enterprises, sort out the development needs and pain points of enterprises, build a cooperation and exchange platform, and provide transformable scenarios, solutions and excellent enterprise practice cases. Expand application scenarios such as innovative design, intelligent manufacturing, and precision marketing, consolidate the foundation for variety renewal, quality improvement, and brand forging, and constantly improve the resilience and vitality of development. All parties of this conference will work together to further advance the main channel of digital economy, achieve multi-party complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win situation, accelerate the digital transformation and high-quality development of Qingdao textile and garment industry, and open a new chapter in the digital transformation of Qingdao and even the entire textile and garment industry.

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