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[About the characteristics of medical nonwovens]
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What is medical non-woven fabric

medical non-woven fabrics are medical and health textiles made of chemical fibers including polyester, polyamide, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene, carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Characteristics of medical non-woven fabrics

1. Light weight

With polypropylene resin as the main raw material, the proportion is only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, fluffy, feel good.

Step 2 Be soft

Composed of fine fibers (2-3D) light point hot melt bond molding. The finished product has moderate softness and comfortable feeling.

3. Pump water and breathe

Polypropylene slice does not absorb water, the moisture content is zero, the finished product is good water, composed of 100% fiber with porosity, good air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry, easy to wash.

4. Non-toxic and non-irritating

The product is produced with FDA food grade raw materials, does not contain other chemical components, stable performance, non-toxic, no odor, and does not irritate the skin.

5. Anti-bacterial and anti-chemical agents

Polypropylene is a chemically inert substance, not eaten by insects, and can isolate the erosion of bacteria and insects in the liquid; Antibacterial, alkali corrosion, finished products do not affect the strength due to erosion.

Medical non-woven fabrics are used for surgical gowns, caps, covers, gypsum cotton, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, wet face towels, sanitary underwear, dust cover.

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