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[The first China New Materials Technology Application Conference "Textile New Materials Forum" was successfully held]
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Recently, the State Key Laboratory of Bio-derived Fiber Manufacturing Technology (supported by General Technology China Textile Science Research Institute Co., LTD.), Hereinafter referred to as "China Textile Engineering Institute"), State Key Laboratory of Fiber Material Modification (supported by Donghua University), School of Materials Science and Engineering of Donghua University, Fiber Material Modification and Composite Technology Branch of Chinese Society of Materials Research, Strategic Alliance of Chemical Fiber Industry Technology Innovation, Sichuan Textile Engineering Society, Advanced Fiber The first China New Materials Technology Application Conference -- Textile New Materials Forum, jointly organized by Materials Journal and other organizations, was successfully held in Jinjiang Hotel, Sichuan Province. The conference was presided over by Professor Ju Anqi of State Key Laboratory of Fiber Material Modification and Executive Deputy Director Xu Jigang of State Key Laboratory of Bio-Derived Fiber Manufacturing Technology.

In order to solve the "bottleneck" core problems in the field of key strategic materials, the forum focused on the new generation of functional fiber materials, including low-carbon bio-based fiber, high-performance fiber, functional fiber and dyeing and finishing additives, invited academicians in the field of new textile materials and 14 well-known experts to discuss the frontier technology and development trend in the field of new textile materials. Zhu Meifang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor of Donghua University, served as the chairperson of the forum and delivered a speech. This forum report is divided into three themes.

Development of high performance fiber and high value application

Professor Cheng Bowen of Tianjin University of Science and Technology, Professor Wang Hua of Wuhan Textile University, researcher Liu Xueqiang of General Demand Institute, Professor Ju Anqi of Donghua University, Professor Xu Changgang of Chengdu Xinchen New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and other experts respectively made the title of "Aramidon nanofibers and aerogel research", "polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) microfiber and application research", "polyimide aerogel preparation and response With "Carbon fiber industry status and technical progress" "PBO fiber application and development" keynote report.

Efficient preparation and recycling of environmentally friendly fibers

Xu Jigang, Vice general manager of China Textile Institute, Liu Yanlong, researcher of Changchun Yinghua Research Institute, Chen Long, professor of Donghua University and other experts shared their views on "Study on Efficient Preparation and Differentiation of Lyocell Filament Silk", "Study on Application of polylacylate in Fiber Field", and "Study on Chemical Cleaning, Regeneration and Utilization of Waste cotton and Polyester Textiles" respectively.

Functional construction of fiber materials and interdisciplinary

Experts such as Professor Chen Su of Nanjing University of Technology, Professor LAN Jianwu of Sichuan University, Professor Sun Bin of Donghua University, Professor Dong Kai of Beijing Institute of Nano Engineering, senior engineer Zhou Jialiang of Jiangsu Jiuci Advanced Fiber Materials Research Co., LTD., Professor Tan Lin of Sichuan University, etc., respectively made the New Technology of Multi-functional micro Nano Fiber Construction and its application and the Development and Application of Polyester elastomeric /PET Composite elastic Fiber. The topic report of "Organic and Inorganic hybrid green titanium polycondensation catalyst and its polyester industrial Application", "Self-powered and Self-driven sensing intelligent fiber materials", "Introduction to the development of antibacterial fiber technology and the transformation mode of Achievements", "Preparation and Properties of Liquid metal doped Nanogel fibers".

The experts, scholars and representatives who participated in the forum actively interacted with the experts on the latest basic theories, cutting-edge technological achievements, application research and report content in the field of new textile materials. The academic atmosphere was warm. The successful holding of the forum has set up an open platform of communication and interaction for the integrated development of Chinese textile new materials. The high-level report brought together by the forum promotes and leads the technological innovation of Chinese textile new materials.

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