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[Is the quality control of medical nonwoven fabric well done?]
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With the continuous updating and rapid development of sterilized goods packaging materials, medical nonwoven fabric as the final packaging material of sterilized goods has been successively entered the disinfection supply center of various hospitals at all levels. How to control the mass star of medical nonwoven fabric, the following ten points please close.

1. Medical nonwoven fabric is different from ordinary non-woven fabric and composite non-woven fabric. Ordinary non-woven fabric does not have resistance to bacteria; Composite non-woven fabric waterproof effect is good, poor air permeability, generally used for surgical clothing and surgical sheets, medical non-woven fabric is the use of spunbond melt-spray, spunbond (SMS) process pressed together, has the characteristics of bacteria resistance, hydrophobic, breathable, no shaff, used for sterilization items final packaging, disposable use, no cleaning.

2. Quality standard requirements of medical non-woven fabrics: Medical non-woven fabrics used for sterilizing medical devices as final packaging materials shall simultaneously meet the specification requirements of GB/T19633 and YY/T0698.2.

3, non-woven fabric is the use of the period of validity: medical non-woven fabric itself is generally 2~3 years of validity, different manufacturers of products are slightly different, please refer to the instructions for use. Sterile articles packed with medical non-woven fabric should be valid for 180d and not affected by sterilization methods.

4, non-woven fabric for sterilization articles packaging to 50g/m2 plus or minus 5 grams is appropriate.

5, medical non-woven packaging of surgical instruments, the use of closed packaging method, should be 2 layers of non-woven fabric divided 2 times packaging, repeated folding can form a long curved path, to prevent microbes "easily" into the sterilization bag, can not be 2 layers of non-woven fabric to do 1 packaging.

6, medical non-woven fabrics after high temperature sterilization, the internal results will change, affect the sterilization medium penetration and antibacterial performance, therefore, medical non-woven fabrics shall not be repeatedly sterilized.

7. Due to the hydrophobic performance of no uniform cloth, excessive and heavy metal instruments are sterilized at high temperature, and condensate water is formed in the cooling process, which is easy to produce wet packets. Therefore, the absorbent material is padded inside the large instrument pack to reduce sterilization appropriately

Load capacity of apparatus,

Leave a gap between the sterilizing bags, extend the drying time appropriately, and try to avoid wet bags.

8, hydrogen peroxide low temperature plasma should choose "Tyvek" non-woven fabric, can not use the medical non-woven fabric containing plant fiber, because plant fiber will absorb hydrogen peroxide.

9. Although medical non-woven fabric does not belong to medical devices, it is related to the quality of sterilization of medical devices. As a packaging material, the quality of medical non-woven fabric itself and the packaging method are crucial to ensure the level of sterility.

10. Check the physical and chemical properties of medical non-woven fabric according to the inspection report and product batch test report provided by the manufacturer to ensure the quality of the products used.

For the management of medical non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric manufacturers are responsible for the production quality of medical non-woven fabric, hospital equipment department and infection office are responsible for product qualification audit and quality star acceptance, supply room personnel are responsible for the packaging quality of sterilized articles, four pipes together, in order to ensure the sterilization quality of medical equipment.

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