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[The difference between medical nonwoven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric]
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Medical nonwoven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric, in our daily life is very common, but to distinguish, you are not stupid can not tell? Today, follow Dongyang Laichi non-woven fabric manufacturers to see the difference between medical nonwoven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric?

Non-woven fabric refers to non-woven, medical non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric. Medical non-woven fabric is made of spunbonded, melt-blown, spunbonded (SMS) process, which has the characteristics of bacteria resistance, hydrophobic, breathable and no dandruff.

1. Multiple antivirus compatibility

Excellent medical non-woven fabric needs to be suitable for a variety of disinfection methods at the same time, preferably pressure steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and other three disinfection methods, can be used at the same time. And ordinary non-woven fabric has not been antivirus.

2, the performance of anti-virus effect

Medical non-woven fabrics generally need to use three layers of SMMMS melt-blown layer structure. Medical non-woven fabrics commonly used in industry use single SMS melt-blown layer structure. In contrast, resistance is a three layer structure which is better than a single layer. Ordinary non-woven fabric, there is no melt-blown layer in the middle, and can not have antivirus effect.

3. Use environmental protection

Excellent medical non-woven fabric, the use of green PP particles environmental protection. However, ordinary non-woven fabric can not withstand high humidity conditions.

4. Strict quality control

With non-woven fabric, need to pass the relevant product quality control system certification, in the production process for each step of the product has strict standards and requirements.

The main difference between medical nonwoven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric is mainly reflected in these aspects, the two have their own uses and characteristics, in use as long as the correct choice according to demand.

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