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[Reduce energy and resource consumption and create an environmentally friendly enterprise]
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Reduce energy and resource consumption

Build environmentally friendly enterprises

Appearing enterprise: Steady Health Care

Key words of green development

Insist on minimizing the negative impact on the environment during the manufacturing process

Vigorously promote the "0 anticorrosive multi-piece wipes" project

Coal boilers that have a greater impact on the environment will be replaced with natural gas boilers

Vigorously promote the "mask spinning and bonding fabric replacement" plan

Healthy Medical Products Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Healthy Medical) is an independent innovative enterprise that researches, produces and sells medical dressings and consumer goods with cotton as the main raw material. The products include medical hygiene materials, medical dressings and high-end cotton daily necessities.

Healthy Medical insists on maximizing the negative impact on the environment in the process of production and manufacturing. Through continuous optimization of the production process, technology and process, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources and build an environmentally friendly enterprise.

In terms of promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in the industry, Steady Medical vigorously promotes the "0 anticorrosive multi-piece wipes" project. In this project, material modification treatment and finishing were optimized on the basis of cotton spunlaced fabric technology, in which post-treatment, modification and washing processes were implemented in one step to shorten the process flow and save energy consumption. "0 anticorrosive multi-piece wipes" is an extension of the application technology of cotton spunlaced non-woven fabric. Compared with the industry, it has the advantages of being more green, safe and energy saving. In the future, robust medical care should set an example in terms of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and play a leading role in energy conservation, environmental protection and carbon emission reduction. Prudent Medical hopes to achieve the corresponding enterprise goals three years and 10 years ahead of the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality schedules.

Healthy Medical vigorously promotes green production at the production end, replacing coal boilers with natural gas boilers which have a greater impact on the environment, and exploring biomass boilers which are more environmentally friendly. In order to effectively reduce the waste of heat energy in the production process and realize the reuse of resources, the company will boil the high temperature discharge water (about 90℃) through heat exchange collection, connected to the radiator in the office area for heating; Green energy such as solar energy is used in the newly built production plant to reduce the impact of energy on the environment.

In terms of developing environmentally friendly products, the company vigorously promotes the plan of "Mask spinning and bonding fabric replacement". The company applies the cotton nonwoven fabric technology to the mask lining, replacing the spinning and bonding fabric lining with degradable cotton nonwoven fabric lining, which is protective, breathable and comfortable. All performance indexes meet the requirements of YY/T 0969 Medical Masks for Single Use, and the materials used are more environmentally friendly.

The company also carried out the "cotton swabs plastic stick replacement" program, in which the company replaced the non-degradable plastic sticks in the original cotton swabs with degradable bamboo and paper materials, reducing the production and use of plastics and helping enterprises reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, Stable medical reduces the use of chemical fiber in surgical gowns, isolation clothing, protective clothing and other products, promoting the industry production to the direction of recycling.

The company attaches great importance to the effective utilization of packaging materials, and strives to adopt packaging materials that not only guarantee product quality but also reduce environmental impact. The company further optimized the use of packaging materials, carried out deplasticizing projects, and upgraded product packaging from non-degradable PE bags to fully degradable paper bags, reducing the consumption of plastic.

In terms of strengthening the recycling of waste textiles, the stable medical treatment has built a recycling equipment for textile scraps in the production process, which can be 100% recycled scraps and reduce the waste of resources. Cotton Times, a subsidiary of Healthy Medical, has also successfully developed recycling equipment for used cotton clothes, realizing the recycling of cotton fibers on used cotton clothes.

The future development focus of healthy medical is still to strengthen basic management, increase investment in research and development, and actively introduce advanced talents. By strengthening its own management "ability", it can effectively resist "cyclical" problems. The Guidelines play a guiding role in a sound future operation. According to the Guidelines, steady future will continue to increase R&D investment, innovate core technology, promote intelligent production, adhere to green development, to resist external risks, stable and steady medical development foundation, promote steady medical into the forefront of global industrial textiles.

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