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[How to realize "quantitative change" to "qualitative change" in medical nonwovens industry]
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During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the total output value of Jiujiang Town's medical and health industry increased from 6.62 billion yuan in 2016 to 9.65 billion yuan in 2020, with an increase of 45.8%. The industry has developed into one of the important industries in Nanhai District and even Foshan City.

At the same time, during the fight against COVID-19, Jiujiang enterprises have made great efforts to support the frontline of the fight against COVID-19. Among them, Nanhai Kangdefu Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. effectively completed the production task of national allocation of epidemic prevention and control materials, successfully delivered 96,000 pieces of national standard medical protective clothing, and won the "letter and praise" from The State Council. The demonstration base was also awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Unit for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in the textile Industry".

The COVID-19 epidemic has brought great challenges to economic and social development, but it has also given rise to new development opportunities for the medical and health industry, highlighting the role of the industry in ensuring social and public safety. In particular, Jiujiang Town insists on developing the medical and health industry by "sharpening one sword in ten years", forming a solid industrial foundation and sound industrial ecology, and effectively boosting the local economic development. We will protect people's health.

In order to better promote the high-quality development of the enterprises in the base, the Demonstration Base of China Advanced Medical and Health nonwoven Industry has adopted measures such as encouraging scientific and technological innovation, building innovation platforms and innovative service modes, which provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises and create a good atmosphere for the development of local industries.

First, we will encourage scientific and technological innovation. Support and encourage enterprises in the base to actively participate in the practice of scientific and technological innovation, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation. At present, Jiujiang Town's medical and health industry related enterprises have 161 patents, participated in the drafting of a total of 16 industrial/national standards, 8 engineering technology centers, enterprises to exert enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

Second, build an innovation platform. Establish a medical and health products Testing Center (Guangzhou Fiber Products Testing Institute) to provide local enterprises with technical guidance, project demonstration, product development, scientific and technological research and other services, to promote technological innovation and product upgrading. At the same time, the base has established strategic cooperation relations with many universities and research institutions to promote the development of enterprises in the base through the establishment of industry-university-research cooperation mechanism with complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

Third, innovate service models. Point-to-point industrial transformation and upgrading are promoted, scientific and technological achievements are transformed and innovation-driven development is promoted. At the same time, the base has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Middle Class Association, and promoted the experts of the Middle Class Association to serve as the mayor of science and technology, and carried out special studies such as the Research Report on the Development of Nonwoven Medical and Health Materials Industry in Foshan Jiujiang Town, guiding the base to accurately grasp the general trend of economic development and constantly optimize the industrial development ecology.

The continuous improvement of the platform construction and service system of China's advanced medical and health nonwovens industry demonstration base will promote the technological transformation, capital increase and production expansion of enterprises. For example, Beofu Company has introduced the new-generation SSMMS spunbond melt-blowout composite nonwovens production line and SSXS spunbond composite nonwovens production line from Hongda Research Institute. And the first new composite material production equipment in South China, greatly improve the product differentiation and quality level, expand the industry influence; In order to improve production capacity and product quality, Nanhai Nanxin (a subsidiary of Berry Group) adds a German Reifin 5 high-performance spunfused non-woven production line, a film production line and a non-woven fabric and film composite production line. The joint development of the base and the enterprise greatly improves the regional competitiveness of Jiujiang medical and health industry.

The 14th Five-Year Plan for Development

Seize the opportunity, strong chain complement chain

Increase input and give full support

Deepen cooperation and build brand

On the one hand, we will support high-quality enterprises to give full play to the "head goose effect", build smart factories, digital workshops and application-oriented big data platforms, drive more upstream and downstream, small, medium and micro enterprises to coordinate their transformation, and encourage enterprises to "stay together" to upgrade and optimize the industrial structure. On the other hand, we will support Tencent Industrial Internet and other service providers to export general solutions, focus on supporting the construction of new infrastructure, improve the coverage and transmission quality of 5G base stations and optical fiber networks, and provide support for the integration of the two aspects of enterprises.

In key areas: on the one hand, continue to pay attention to the development of local enterprises, based on the reality that Jiujiang Town's medical and health industry has a certain scale, will promote the local enterprises to develop and upgrade to high-quality nonwoven fabric; On the other hand, the company adheres to the development idea of "internal cultivation and external introduction", deeply implements commercial investment and industrial chain investment, focuses on introducing medical and health textile projects such as downstream medical and health products, medical auxiliary materials and consumables, and strengthens the medical and health industry chain.

Entering the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Jiujiang Town actively responds to market changes, reasonably estimates the digestion cycle of short-term overcapacity, plans in advance, makes early deployment, and accelerates the improvement of industry concentration. With the medical and health industry as the focus and foothold, guided by high-quality development, Jiujiang Town builds a first-class demonstration base of high-end medical and health industry in China and has global influence.

First, seize the opportunity to strengthen the chain. Guide local leading enterprises to take the initiative to adapt to the market demand, focus on the introduction of downstream medical and health products, medical auxiliary materials and consumables and other industry-related projects for the terminal market, and strive to form a complete supply chain system in China's advanced medical and health nonwoven industry demonstration base.

Second, increase input and give full support. To carry out the Foshan Municipal Committee's "Benefiting You" No. 1 reform project, and make good use of the pro-enterprise policies such as "One trillion enterprises", "Two industrialization" transformation, "Ten hundred thousand" and development support measures for e-commerce industry, boost the confidence of enterprises in development, promote the capital upgrading, technological transformation and listing of enterprises, and promote the continuous development and growth of industrial clusters.

Third, deepen cooperation and build brand. Strengthen cooperation with influential domestic research institutions such as Guangzhou Fiber Product Testing and Research Institute and Donghua University, as well as national trade associations such as China National Textile Industry Council and China Industrial Textile Industry Association, to promote the smooth implementation of relevant scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, strengthen the construction of brand publicity, enhance the influence and attraction of China's advanced medical and health nonwoven industry demonstration base, take the high-quality development of industrial textile industry as the core task, and vigorously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry.

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