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[Silver ten "after the fabric market turnover cold product innovation into a new breakthrough of the enterprise]
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Recently, many fabric market monitoring shows that product sales fall back to a certain extent. However, there are still many enterprises in difficulties with innovative products to break through, sales continue to grow.

Low market fluctuation

"The market is clearly much quieter this year than in previous years when orders in November burst, with orders down 30 percent year on year." Ke Bridge a fabric business person said.

China Keqiao Textile Index shows that in early November, the textile market clothing fabric sales fell month-on-month, the traditional market transaction declined month-on-month, and the daily price volume fell month-on-month. The market subscription of the counterpart merchants partial contraction, the mass fabric market transaction decreased month-on-month, the autumn fabric spot transaction decreased month-on-month, the early winter running volume of product spot transaction and order delivery decreased month-on-month, the price fell month-on-month. Among them, pure cotton, polyester, polyester viscose, polyester ammonia, viscose fabric transaction price volume fell, pulling the clothing fabric price index fell month on month.

At present, the overall transaction of fabric market is quiet, although there are "double 11" supplement orders, but the actual number is limited. Although some orders in Guangdong have been transferred to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the situation of comprehensive opening rate decline has not changed, and the fabric market will still be in a low shock operation.

Fabric enterprises actively respond

In the face of such a "cold winter", fabric enterprises are actively coping.

"While maintaining our existing customers, we are also actively looking for new customers in the market." The person in charge of a fabric enterprise said. Shaoxing a textile enterprise mainly produces polar fleece and other winter fabrics, although the sales are less affected, but the market is also reflected in the business. "Even though the cost of materials and labor is going up, the current market environment is not suitable for raising prices too much. We mainly offer some technical consulting services to attract customers." In addition, some textile enterprises are also actively communicating with downstream buyers to seek new orders.

Take a unique path to rise against the trend

In the exhibition hall of a well-known textile enterprise in Shaoxing, various kinds of auto parts covered by suede materials are displayed. These microfiber suede materials integrate the characteristics of leather and fiber, both the texture of leather and the softness of cloth, but also have the properties of friction resistance, anti-aging, constant temperature and heat insulation. It is worthy of being a "temperature" functional material. The head of the enterprise said that in the future the company will continue to deepen the automotive interior this segment, and strive to become the leader of the automotive interior microfiber industry.

In addition, some textile fabric enterprises in Guangdong, Lishui and other places are also actively developing new fabrics, ready to meet the market challenges. It is understood that Li Baiqing and his team in order to research and development of new products, turn and turn a lot of communication with customers, it is expected that this year's sales will usher in a new breakthrough.

Innovation is always the key for enterprises to win the market. Today's fabric enterprises must find the right positioning if they want to regroup, actively integrate into the green and low-carbon industry background, and conduct deeper binding with users from the perspective of safety and health. The "cold winter" of the market may be the beginning of innovation.

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