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[Deepen the market potential and accelerate quality upgrades, and the clothing industry moves forward steadily]
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According to data recently released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from January to July, the cumulative operating income of enterprises above designated size in my country's clothing industry was 815.9 billion yuan, an increase of 3.9%year -on -year; the total profit was 37 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 4.0%. Facing pressure and challenges, the clothing industry strives to overcome difficulties, accelerates quality and efficiency, and shows a steady recovery trend.

The industry's stability cannot be separated from the joint efforts of various departments and first -tier companies. Policies help stabilize production and insurance chain, enterprises have deeply digging market potential, the clothing industry is improving, and the pace of high -quality development is more stable.

In the first half of the year, operating income increased by more than 40%year -on -year, and its profit was more than 20 million yuan ... Shanghai Jialinjie Textile Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the "Half -annual Report" to respond to the impact of the epidemic situation.

According to Yang Shibin, the company's president, since the company was included in the "whitelist" of the first batch of work and re -production enterprises, the local government departments have given strong support in personnel deployment, raw material transportation, tax reduction and other aspects. The company achieved basic production at the end of April, and there was no large -scale delay in foreign trade orders. At present, all drags are recovered. "The stability of production allows us to win the confidence of customers." He said that more than 80 % of the orders next year are already in hand. "We are preparing to visit customers and discuss how to further increase the research and development of fabrics."

Enterprises want to stabilize the market, and the stability of production and supply chain is the prerequisite. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has held relevant meetings many times to clearly take the security chain as the focus, and take a good efforts to implement a package of policies and measures.

On August 28, in the factory building of Jiaxing Tiwei Fashion Co., Ltd., the carton full of finished wool sweater was waiting to be shipped. In the enterprise power distribution room, the staff is carefully checking the power consumption equipment. Since the beginning of this year, State Grid Zhejiang Tongxiang City Power Supply Company has continuously optimized and upgraded the local distribution network through transformers and configuration smart switches to ensure the power demand for corporate capacity recovery and expansion.

The use of materials can be used to improve the level of digitalization ... All localities and first -line companies work together to promote the smooth operation of production. With the significant effect of various policies and measures, the industrial chain supply chain has accelerated, and the growth rate of industrial added value in the clothing industry has gradually recovered. "Although the epidemic has brought some changes, my country's status and advantages in the manufacturing fields of textiles and clothing are still unchanged. This reflects a firm industry's firm will and stable development potential." Sun Ruizhe, president of the China Textile Industry Federation, Say.

At the same time as the production of stable recovery, the enterprise started from the product and strives to expand the market space with quality upgrades.

The clothing brand has just ended the ordering meeting of spring and summer next year. The founder Ye Shouzheng told reporters that from the perspective of customer order, the expected progress was basically completed. "The stability of the consumer side is very important for the enterprise, and this stability depends on excessive quality and production capacity." Ye Shouzheng said that Zhihe continues to deepen the cooperation with fabrics such as wool, silk Retail stores. "To cultivate the basic skills, do a good job of making the manufacturing and sales end better, and use your own certainty to deal with external uncertainty."

Through digital transformation, many clothing companies calmly meet the changing market and customer needs.

The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Xige Industrial Co., Ltd., who is engaged in men's clothing production and direct operation, said that the company has increased its layout of live e -commerce and moved the traffic interface to online to precipitate new advantages for themselves. Data from Tianyan Check shows that as of now, there are more than 5,400 live broadcast e -commerce companies across the country, of which more than 800 newly added from January to August 2022.

Digital marketing improves customer experience, digital products, services and industrial Internet empowering corporate business model changes. Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other five departments released the "Digital Action Plan" Action Plan (2022-2025) ", from the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories to promoting the interconnection of the Internet and consumer Internet. Including the digitalization of consumer goods industry, including clothing.

The relevant person in charge of the China Clothing Association said that the next step will promote the widespread application of clothing intelligent manufacturing technology, strengthen the information management of the entire industry chain, increase the integration of new materials, new processes, new technologies and clothing industry, enhance the industrial chain and value The efficiency and level of the chain accelerate the change of the value creation model of the clothing industry.

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