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[Do you really know it in medical non -woven fabrics?]
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Medical non -woven fabric is a fabric that does not require spinning woven fabrics. It is mainly bonded together by physical methods, so when you stick it, you will find that the thread head cannot be pulled out of the non -woven fabric.

Medical non -woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principle. Compared with traditional cotton -weaving textiles, medical non -woven fabrics have moisture -proof, breathable, flexible, light light, non -combustion, easy to decompose, non -toxic and irritating, low price, low price The advantages of recycling and reuse are suitable for medical fields.

Medical non -woven fabric advantages:

First of all, the fibrous structure of non -woven fabrics make the fabric has better ventilation and breathability. The water content of non -woven fabric itself is not high, and it also has a good filtering effect. During the process, it will not stimulate and damage the human body. In terms of telescopic and abrasion resistance, medical non -woven fabrics also have excellent performance. After the transformation, it can be restored by itself. At the same time, it also has a positive water refusal function. The low production cost makes non -woven fabrics have a great market competitive advantage. Later, it also has the performance of antibacterial and corrosion, which is also the key feature of medical non -woven fabrics. It is difficult to replace this.


Disadvantages of medical non -woven fabrics:

Although the medical non -woven fabric is more abrasion, it is simple to tear from the right direction, and the degradation difficulty of this fabric is greater than that of other fabrics. Some of these medical non -woven fabrics.

The application of medical non -woven fabrics is very wide. It can be used in medicine to produce masks, surgery caps, disposable surgical clothes, disposable medical sheets, maternal bags, diaper, etc., and place medical non -woven fabrics on the outdoor. It is only 90 days. If it is placed indoors, it will be naturally decomposed in 8 years, so it is a new type of environmental protection material.

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