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["Literary spark" gives Meikeqiao a new future for high-quality development of literary weaving]
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In Keqiao, an international textile city, you can taste the ultimate aesthetics in the scenic spots that are compatible with history and humanity, or explore the multi-dimensional colors of rural revitalization in the green mountains, and peep the beauty of the integration of literature and art on a piece of cloth or a piece of clothing. More and more "literary cells" extend into the details of Keqiao's urban development, and give the United States high-quality development with the spark of literature and art. It also makes poetic life accessible.

Literary weaving and spinning are the new future

In the end of the Keqiao fashion Week not long ago, a professional show, a beautiful garment, a special pattern fabric, let people shine. Ten years of light and shadow, more than 300 fashion shows, is not only the growth history of Keqiao fashion, but also the history of cultural and artistic creativity to promote the gorgeous transformation of Keqiao traditional textile.

Cultural and creative talents are the key factors in industrial transformation and upgrading, and also the intellectual source of the development of new quality productivity. In Keqiao, there are not only the industry's top design masters from home and abroad, but also some new and amazing design rookies. On May 20 this year, at the "Art Together" - 2024 Graduation Design Joint Exhibition of Zhijiang College of Design, Zhejiang University of Technology, held in Keqiao Art Museum, more textile extension products with creative elements were given a new "role" here, including the professional works of clothing and clothing design unveiled in this year's fashion week.

"Keqiao has a very good foundation for fabric development, but in the industrial transformation and upgrading of many enterprises have also encountered bottlenecks in development, how to let enterprises in the fabric, pattern, new material development to open up a new world, this is our clothing and design students are doing." Lu Shaokan, deputy dean of Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, said that they introduced excellent teachers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to fill the talent team, and strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, so that students can design better to serve local industries.

Jiang Yiwei, president of the Promotion Association of small and medium-sized textile enterprises in Shaoxing City, felt deeply after visiting the graduation design exhibition of Zhijiang College, he said that culture and literature are also a kind of productivity, is a kind of soft power, and the upgrading of traditional textiles is scientific and technological innovation and design innovation in the final analysis. Only by using more colorful culture and art to empower creative design, can Keqiao's international textile city live up to its name.

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