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[The transformation of high-quality textile scientific and technological achievements has been accelerated]
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On the 9th, the 11th "China's Top Ten Textile Science and Technology" kickoff meeting and general technology new material scientific and technological achievements promotion meeting was held in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, more than 60 scientific research colleges and universities, as well as local textile shoes and clothing leading enterprises gathered together to promote the transformation of high-quality textile scientific and technological achievements.

This activity is guided by China Textile Industry Federation, General Technology High-tech Materials Group Co., LTD., Science and Technology Development Department of China Textile Industry Federation, China Textile Science Research Institute Co., LTD., Quanzhou Development and Reform Commission, Quanzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Quanzhou Industry and Information Bureau, Quanzhou Commerce Bureau, Jinjiang City Government co-sponsored. The event reviewed the 10-year history of the "China Top Ten Textile Science and Technology" series of activities and the wonderful moments of the last event, and introduced the relevant arrangements of this event and the collection rules of results.

During the event, Zhang Qiang, head of intelligent manufacturing project of Innovation Center of China Textile Institute, Yang Guorong, expert of Jiangnan Branch of China Textile Institute, Tan Yaliang, Director of Green fiber Sales Department of China Textile Institute, Tian Hui, director of Donglon Technology Marketing Department, Jiang Huixia, deputy director of Research and development department of China Textile Standard, Yang Fan, deputy director of Marketing Department of Beijing Zhongli, shared and promoted relevant results and products respectively.

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