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[More than half of the season, the market remains light and unchanged]
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The recent market new batch orders are less, the United States cotton inventory is tight, short-term support cotton prices. Southeast Asia and domestic textile mills, procurement willingness is low. Domestic textile enterprises due to the new order situation is not ideal, and the production profit is worse, the opening probability of cotton mill has declined slightly. Flax raw material prices continue to rise, the end customer is difficult to maintain, many customers are looking for imitation hemp similar products instead. Fabric domestic market orders less than expected, most businesses do not dare to stockpile goods, are based on orders. In the same period, the home textile market has cooled down, and the price of orders has decreased. Although the home textile dyeing factory orders are still sufficient, the delivery time of 20 days is relatively long, but the market is generally expected that the downstream demand is poor, the ability to undertake is not strong, the inventory is high, affected by this, the recent market will be low, and we should pay close attention to market changes in the later period and pay attention to the control of risks.

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