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[Hubei Jingzhou to build an important textile and garment industry base in central China]
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Building a modern industrial system is an inevitable requirement for promoting high-quality development. Jingzhou combined with the actual situation of the city, to build 400 billion industries, 6 industries over 50 billion, 11 characteristic industrial chains, to build a modern industrial system. On this basis, the establishment of agricultural product processing, textile and clothing, intelligent equipment, modern chemical industry, characteristic cultural tourism five leading industries, the implementation of doubling development plan, and strive to reach 540 billion yuan in five years.

In 2023, Jingzhou highlights the leading position of manufacturing industry, integrates to transform traditional industries, consolidate advantageous industries, and cultivate and expand emerging industries. The total output value of the two major industries of intelligent equipment manufacturing and modern medicine and chemical industry exceeds 150 billion yuan, and 226 new industrial enterprises are added, with a total of over 1,600, and the rise of modern industrial clusters is accelerating.

Jingzhou textile and garment industry has a long history, but it is faced with a small scale, not strong leader, brand is not sound and other realistic bottlenecks.

In the past three years, Jingzhou has increased the cultivation and support of the textile and garment industry, introduced 182 projects of more than 100 million yuan, and the total number of enterprises has reached 1031, forming the whole industrial chain of planting, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, packaging and sales. The ramie cloth produced in Jingzhou District occupies 60% of the national market share; The annual output of children's wear in Shachun District is 180 million pieces, and 1 out of every 8 pieces of children's wear in China is produced here. Economic development zone has become the largest textile printing and dyeing industry base in central China.

After technological upgrading, the scene of "thousand yarn, ten thousand cloth" is being replaced by an intelligent production line.

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