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[Chemical fiber industry still has great development space and potential]
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On March 27, the 3rd expanded meeting of the 7th session of the Board of Directors and the 5th session of the 7th Executive Board of the China Chemical Fiber Association was held in Shanghai. How to promote the high-quality development of Chinese chemical fiber industry under the new background was discussed deeply.

The operation of chemical fiber industry shows toughness

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's production of chemical fiber in 2022 will reach 64.88 million tons, a slight decrease of 0.55% year-on-year. The chemical fiber industry achieved a revenue of 1.0900.74 billion yuan, up by 5.32% year on year; Total profit was 24.129 billion yuan, down 62.22 percent year on year.

But overall, the operation of our chemical fiber industry still shows some resilience.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, fixed asset investment in China's chemical fiber industry increased by 21.4 percent year on year in 2022. According to Chinese customs data, the country exported 5.654,500 tons of chemical fiber in 2022, an increase of 8.76 percent year-on-year. All these reflect the increasing international market demand as well as the improvement of the competitiveness of our chemical fiber products.

Sun Ruizhe, president of China National Textile Industry Council, pointed out that the development of fiber materials is the source and forerunner of industry design innovation, process innovation, equipment innovation and product innovation. In 2022, chemical fiber will account for about 85 percent of China's total textile fiber processing capacity. China's chemical fiber output will account for over 70 percent of the world's total production capacity of high-performance fiber. Chemical fiber industry is the foundation of our textile industry's scale advantage, system advantage and innovation advantage, which determines the depth of innovation, breadth of application and height of value of the industry.

Guan Xiaorui, vice president and secretary general of China Chemical Fiber Association, introduced that the operation of China's chemical fiber industry will still show some highlights in 2022. For example, the carbon fiber industry still maintains a high prosperity, the bio-based fiber industry scale maintains rapid growth, the pace of research and development of differentiated and functional fibers is accelerating, and the export still maintains a good growth trend.

In 2023, the operation trend of chemical fiber industry is also concerned.

Many guests at the meeting believed that the whole year, China's chemical fiber industry is expected to usher in a bottoming stable development trend. In the long term, the fundamentals of accelerating transformation and upgrading and long-term development of Chinese chemical fiber industry have not changed, and there is still a great space and potential for development.

The domestic textile and garment market is poised to recover steadily this year, but the pressure on the export market is expected to increase. From the capacity aspect, the capacity of chemical fiber industry is still likely to maintain inertia growth. "Overall, the performance of the chemical fiber industry still depends on the recovery of demand in downstream textile markets." Guan Xiaorui said that the development priorities of the chemical fiber industry this year include: adhere to the "three products" strategy, strengthen support for scientific and technological innovation, continue to deepen the supply-side structural reform; Expand the international market, seize the opportunity and momentum of chemical fiber export growth, expand the overseas market.

In addition, China Chemical Fiber Association also reminds, chemical fiber enterprises to grasp the pace of investment, rational investment.

To high quality to grasp the key points

How to promote high quality development of chemical fiber industry? Sun Ruizhe put forward three suggestions.

First, we will strengthen scientific and technological innovation and promote high-end and safe development. We will continue to optimize resources, improve the system for scientific and technological innovation, build an industrial scientific and technological innovation platform with global influence, and promote the deep integration of the innovation, industrial, capital and talent chains. Uphold self-reliance and self-improvement, and strengthen basic research. We will strengthen the development of key technologies and equipment in high-performance fibers and their composites, bio-based raw materials and bio-based fibers, and promote their industrialization and large-scale application. We will maintain security and stability and strengthen technical support. We will accelerate research and development of fiber technologies such as coal chemical manufacturing, promote diversified and sustainable development of raw material sources, and promote the formation of a safer and more reliable industrial chain and supply chain.

Second, accelerate the upgrading of manufacturing and promote green and intelligent development. Accelerate the digital transformation of the chemical fiber industry and improve the level of lean and flexible. We will improve the application level of robots, increase the rate of CNC equipment in key enterprises and the rate of machine interconnection, and speed up the construction of industrial Internet. To promote the application of artificial intelligence and other technologies in the industry. We will promote digitalization of the entire manufacturing process and intellectualization of production equipment, and improve the intelligent manufacturing service platform. With the goal of achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality as its strategic guidance, it promotes technological innovation, mode innovation and management innovation, and accelerates the green transformation of the whole industrial chain. We will accelerate the development and construction of green factories, green products, green supply chains and green parks. Give full play to the supporting role of green platforms and systems, and do a good job in green fiber certification and the construction of China Fiber Zero-Carbon Action - credible platform for green fiber products. Promote the high value utilization of waste textiles.

Third, expand application space and promote integrated and value-oriented development. The shortage of aggregate demand is a prominent problem facing the current industrial development. Priority should be given to restoring and expanding domestic consumption. Consumption upgrading will lead supply innovation. To further do a good job in China's fiber fashion trend release and research, optimize the product structure, increase the development of functional, intelligent, environmental protection products. Product innovation to support cross-border applications. With a focus on high-performance fibers, we will expand the application of chemical fiber products in the fields of general health, ocean engineering, new energy, infrastructure, aerospace and civil-military integration. Tap market potential with scene innovation. We will promote cooperation across the industrial chain through model and platform innovation, and promote supply-demand matching and factor recycling in a wider range, in a wider range and at a deeper level.

Yu Kun, head of the textile division of the Consumer goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also made three suggestions.

First, we should implement policies well and strengthen confidence in the development of the industry. The industry should make good use of the issued Guidelines on High-quality Development of Chemical Fiber Industry, as well as the existing fiscal, tax and financial policies, accelerate technological progress and industrial upgrading, achieve higher production efficiency, develop more abundant varieties, and further enhance the position of chemical fiber industry in the global textile and garment industry chain.

Second, we will strengthen innovation-led efforts to modernize the industrial chain. The chemical fiber industry should strengthen the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, strengthen the weak points and strengthen the weak points, implement the action plan of facilitating the three products through digitalization, accelerate the digitalization and intelligent transformation, and improve the supply capacity and production efficiency. We will work hard to foster specialized, innovative enterprises, form an industrial ecosystem that integrates large and small businesses, and enhance the overall industrial chain.

Third, promote green transformation and make comprehensive use of resources more efficient. The chemical fiber industry should further strengthen the implementation plan of carbon peak in the industrial field, accelerate the high-value recycling of waste textiles, develop biological materials and biological manufacturing technology, and enhance the ability of sustainable development of recycling; Establish a transparent and traceable industrial chain and supply chain, provide more low-carbon and green textile consumer goods, promote green production and consumption throughout the life cycle, and enhance the industry's image of environmental responsibility in the whole society.

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