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[Speed up the transformation and upgrading of the textile business circle]
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The work report of Guangzhou Municipal Government proposed to build eight trillion-level industrial chain groups such as the fashion industry. As the representative of Guangzhou fashion industry, Zhongda textile business Circle gathers 62 professional markets, with more than 300,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than 200 billion yuan. How to accelerate the transformation and upgrading is imminent. Deng Zhaoping, a member of the Guangzhou CPPCC, proposed to seize the opportunity of industrial transformation and upgrading of the textile business circle in Zhongda, to create a cradle of innovative design forces, and to propose relevant government departments to launch precise support policies as soon as possible, to create a highland of fashion design talents.

Deng Zhaoping pointed out that relying on the advantages of high level of opening up and the profound heritage of "millennium commercial capital", the scale of Guangzhou fashion industry cluster exceeds 850 billion yuan in 2021. Among them, Guangzhou's textile and garment industry has prominent characteristics and obvious cluster effect, attracting more than 50,000 fashion designers stationed here, ranking first in the scale of the country, is the largest gathering place of designers and brands in China. As one of the five major textile and garment industrial clusters in Guangzhou, Dazhong Textile Business Circle now gathers 62 professional markets, including more than 30,000 garment factories, workshops and shops of all sizes, employing more than 300,000 people and operating more than 100,000 kinds of products, with a total construction area of more than 3 million square meters and an annual turnover of more than 200 billion yuan. The rich textile business community in Zhongda provides the industrial foundation and talent support for Guangzhou to achieve the goal of achieving the scale of the fashion industry in the trillions by 2024. However, there are also many problems in the development of the business circle: the industrial form is still based on a single wholesale, it is difficult to extend the smile at both ends; The market is generally faced with the lack of independent brands, innovation ability is relatively weak. In this regard, Deng Zhaoping suggested that innovation and upgrading of business forms should be promoted in the business circle and the environment for the development of fashion talents should be continuously optimized. In combination with relevant policies and plans at the urban and urban levels, transformation and upgrading will be realized through business structure adjustment and innovative development, and all professional markets within the business circle will be further promoted in the direction of digital economy, scientific and technological innovation, independent brands, R&D and design, intellectual property rights, high-end business, etc. To build key functional formats such as textile science and technology innovation center, big data application center, brand release center, industrial finance center, and maker entrepreneurship center, and shape the international headquarters economy of the textile industry with strong radiation and strong influence.

"The business circle should actively introduce excellent designers and strive to build fashion design talent highland." Deng Zhaoping believes that, based on the industrial advantages of the textile business circle in CUHK, it is necessary to optimize the support system for fashion talents, improve the training and growth mechanism for fashion talents, cultivate original Chinese design talents, formulate flexible, flexible and preferential policies for talent introduction, promote the implementation of talent development strategies, and give full play to the talent clustering advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Through the "green channel" of talent introduction, a new generation of young fashion designers and various fashion talents with overseas study background, international vision and rich knowledge will be introduced in terms of policies such as household entry, establishment and relocation fee, so as to improve the fashion ecosystem and value chain of the Greater Bay Area and empower the talents of the fashion industry in Guangzhou.

Deng Zhaoping also proposed that through the government and industry organizations, new fashion designers from Guangzhou will be gathered to participate in the China International Fashion Week, China International Fashion and Apparel Expo, International Fashion & Lifestyle Expo, Milan, London, Paris, New York Fashion Week and other well-known fashion exhibitions at home and abroad in the form of special release shows, so as to build the flower City fashion brand in the new era. Showcasing the creative design power of Guangzhou and improving the influence and discourse power of Guangzhou in the fashion industry of China and even the world.

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