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[Fujian Provincial Functional Chemical Fiber New Materials "Hands Hand" docking activity is successfully held in Jinjiang]
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In order to implement the deployment requirements of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the textile shoes and clothing industry and the promotion of the high -quality development of the industry, on June 24, the "hand -pulling" of new functional chemical fiber materials in Fujian Province was successfully held in Jinjiang.

The scale of Fujian's textile and clothing industry is at the forefront of the country, and it has formed a relatively complete industrial chain such as chemical fiber, spinning, weaving, dyeing, clothing, and industrial textiles. Clothing and clothing are the superior industries in our province. In 2021, revenue achieved 272.2 billion yuan. Sports shoes and clothing, men's clothing and other brands have high visibility and large industrial scale. Chemical fiber products are distinctive. In 2021, revenue achieved 173.7 billion yuan, and nylon and polyester production ranked first and third in the country.

At the event site, the member of the Jinjiang Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor Lai Youwei gave a welcome speech. Chen Fei, the rotating chairman of the Fujian Textile Industry Association, introduced the industry hand -to -hand activities. Deputy Director Chen Chuanfang of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology did Summarize your speech. Yongrong Jinjiang, Baihong Julibi, Haixi Branch of China Textile Institute, and other leading enterprises and heads of scientific research institutions show, promote new materials and new products, new products such as nylon, polyester, and new products, 361 degrees, seven wolves and other shoes and clothing brands. New product needs. Men's brands such as Anta, Tobe, Pork, Mo Qiao, Hongxing Erk, seven wolves, Jinba, Jiu Mu King and other men's clothing brands, as well as representatives of fabric companies such as Huafeng, Xiangxing, Dafa Chemical fiber enterprises and scientific research institutions have conducted on -site interaction to explore and exchange in depth. Dafa textiles, Tongyi, 361 degrees, seven wolves and other industry leading enterprises have signed contracts with Yongrong Jinjiang and Haixi Branch of the Chinese Textile Institute. At the meeting, Deputy Director Chen Chuanfang emphasized that the first is that the participating companies must adhere to the "strong combination, small belts, small industrial facilities, and coordinated development", further deepen docking and understanding, and deepen supply and demand docking. The second is that leading enterprises should play a leading support role. SMEs must take the initiative to integrate and support the development, promote the cooperation of upper and middle reaches, and the integration and development of large and medium -sized enterprises. The third is to further give play to the role of the industrial chain collaborative innovation alliance platform, give play to the role of industry associations and bridges, guide enterprises to collaborate innovation, promote the integrated R & D and application from materials, chemical fiber, weaving, dyeing to downstream applications, and for high -quality development of the industry Provide strong support. Fourth, the industrial and information departments at all levels must attach great importance to, cooperate with coordination, and form joint efforts, give play to the role of industry association organizations, scientific research institutes, etc., continue to carry out industrial "hand -pull" activities, further unblock industrial cycle, and jointly promote the high quality of the textile and clothing industry in Fujian Province develop.

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