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[Fully "weaving" for well -known industrial clusters in the country]
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Chain -long enterprises have become a powerful engine for regional industry development. In order to cultivate a well -known nationwide silk textile super fiber industrial cluster, Liuyi Town, Changyi City consolidates the industrial foundation, further magnifies the advantages of the industry, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively plans to develop a new pattern at the new starting point, and strives to build the national silk textile super fiber industry. town.

On June 17, in the production workshop of Weifang Hongfeng New Materials Co., Ltd., various production machinery roar sounded. "The company is mainly based on the production of waxy cloth and clothing cloth. At present, the annual production capacity is 260 million meters. Since this year, we have overcome the impact of the epidemic, scientific scheduling, carefully organized, and the company has maintained a good production and operation status." Huang Zujun, general manager of the company, told reporters.

Hongfeng New Materials is a branch of Weifang Huabao Textile Co., Ltd. Huabao Textile is a traditional textile manufacturer in Liuyu Town. In the face of transformation and development, enterprises actively connect upstream and downstream production factors, extend the industrial chain, and become the first domestic textiles, bombs, woven, printing processing, domestic and foreign at home and abroad The integrated sales of the entire industry chain company ended the history of Changyi textile raw materials relying on foreign transportation. It also enabled Changyi textile companies to seize opportunities in the domestic textile industry's transformation period.

Since 2020, Huabao Textiles have continuously sought more development space on the basis of ensuring the stability of the original production scale and opened new projects for three consecutive years. In 2020, the investment of 800 million yuan annual production of 260 million meters high -end textile fabric project started in March and achieved effective results in August, creating Huabao's speed; in 2021, the investment of 200 million yuan annual production of 250 million meters of textile fabric projects and investment of 650 million In the first year, 220,000 tons of high -end textile raw materials projects were completed and put into operation. This year, it is planned to invest 110 million yuan, and the newly topped 120 million meters of textile fabric projects will continue to consolidate the advantages of the textile industry.

"At present, Huabao Textiles have formed the production system from the front -end spinning raw material to the production system to sell the entire industry chain production system at the end. Through the organic integration of the industrial chain, comprehensive costs such as transportation packaging energy consumption can be saved by 200 million yuan. At the end of the year, the annual production of 220,000 tons of high -end textile raw material projects broke the monopoly of the southern textile raw materials. On the basis of meeting the needs of enterprises, it can provide POY raw materials for more than half of the textile companies in Changyi, which truly reflects the advantages of chain -long system. Li Zhenbao, chairman of Huabao Textile, said.

Silk, textile, and super fiber are the three major pillar industries of Liuyu Town, and they are also the basic industries to achieve high -quality development. Since the beginning of this year, Liu Yan Town has been based on the foundation of industrial development, further enlarged its advantages, adhered to the project as king, and strives to promote the high -quality development of traditional industries.

Hongfeng New Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 260 million meters, becoming the largest printing and dyeing manufacturer of Jiangbei in my country; Kaitai Chao Xie Fiber Co., Ltd. Auto Interior Environmental High Image Super Fiber Faber Product Technology Upgrading Project is fully completed It is planned to be put into production before New Year's Day; Weifang Yixing Textile Materials Co., Ltd. ultra -fine fiber synthetic leather project has a steel structure production workshop with a total area of 30,000 square meters. The production capacity of local SMEs.

In the near future, major key projects in Liuyu Town have accelerated the progress of construction. The landing of a series of major projects has maintained a strong stamina and source of power in the face of a new round of development opportunities.

According to statistics, the annual cloth output of textile printing and dyeing enterprises in Liuye Industrial Park accounts for 20%of the national market share, becoming the largest decorative cloth production base and cotton textile trading market in Jiangbei. The main products of the super fiber industry have an annual production of more than 38 million meters, and the market share accounts for 90%of the country. An accelerated transforming silk textile super fiber industry cluster is standing out.

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