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[The sales of innovative elastic fabrics in summer pushed up slightly]
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Recently, the transaction of summer elastic fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City has increased slightly, the transaction of elastic fabrics made of polyester filament and spandex yarn has increased slightly, and the number of innovative polyester and spandex elastic fabrics has increased, with many transaction varieties and basically stable prices. , a slight upward movement locally.

The Omicron mutant strain continued to ferment, residents’ demand for non-essential items such as clothing and home textiles continued to decline, domestic and overseas textile and clothing orders were decreasing, pre-orders were gradually delivered, and subsequent orders were discontinued. Textile enterprises were struggling. Polyester filament is also facing the dilemma of high production and high inventory, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, and the expectation of negative reduction is intensified.

Inconvenient office logistics, unclear fashion trends, and lack of confidence in future clothing sales are taking place as an important source of foreign trade orders for textiles. The whole spring and summer foreign trade orders will be affected by this, and it is not difficult to understand that there will be a large reduction. The prospect of the foreign trade market is so uncertain, some textile and cloth companies have returned to the domestic trade market. Due to the obvious drop in outbound orders from domestic and foreign clothing manufacturers, some enterprises have increased their refunds, and the purchase of fabrics from the China Textile City market has also declined.

So far, the most direct reason for the sluggish production and sales is that the downstream demand has shrunk seriously, and the number of enterprises that "reduce production" has increased. European and American countries, as important export areas of my country's textile and clothing, due to the accelerated spread of the epidemic, the supply chain timeliness and costs have undergone major changes. Many foreign trade orders have been cancelled or delayed, and foreign trade enterprises are facing huge pressure. In terms of terminal clothing, the inventory is full, so the fabric ordering mode has always been dominated by "small batches and multiple batches". The epidemic has directly extended the "cold winter" of the textile and garment industry, which has had a significant impact on weaving enterprises, and the demand for clothing fabrics has directly shrunk. The downturn in clothing and weaving has naturally reduced the popularity of the printing and dyeing and finishing industries. Based on the rising pressure on corporate inventories and capital, both weaving companies, printing and dyeing and other companies have started production reduction plans. At present, the operating rate of some weaving enterprises is insufficient, the output is shrinking month-on-month, and the transaction in the apparel fabric market is decreasing month-on-month.

China still adheres to the "dynamic clearing" policy for the epidemic, and it is expected that the negative impact of the epidemic in the later period will gradually ease. Recently, the State Council issued a notice on the joint prevention and control mechanism for the novel coronavirus infection and pneumonia outbreak, deploying and effectively doing a good job in ensuring the smooth flow of freight and logistics. It is strictly forbidden to block or close expressways, ordinary roads, and waterway locks without authorization, and it is strictly forbidden to set up epidemic prevention checkpoints on the main lines and service areas of expressways. Therefore, the obstruction of follow-up logistics is expected to ease, so that the demand for the entire textile and clothing will also improve.

In the past few days, polyester filament as the main raw material and spandex yarn as the main raw material for summer women's top elastic fabrics and summer and autumn women's pants use polyester and spandex elastic fabrics have been partially sold well. The number of cloth hanging samples increased, and the listed varieties increased. Mainly for women's summer dresses, the new elastic fabrics with fashionable styles increase in transaction amount. The DTY low-elastic yarn 150D is woven with partially wrapped spandex yarn and 150D (DTY+POY) composite silk and is woven with colorful silk. Partial elastic fabric is favored by buyers of garment factories in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chongqing and other places. The new composite raw material natural memory geometric wrinkle elastic fabric made of 75DFDY, 50D nylon cotton or 40S-60S pure cotton yarn is also favored by target customers, and some target customers are eager to subscribe. On the first or second floor of the old market, nylon four-way stretch, T/R polyester-viscose four-way stretch, N/R brocade viscoelastic grosgrain, full polyester (DTY+POY) four-way stretch, N/T nylon and polyester four-way stretch, N/ C nylon cotton four-way elastic, tencel four-way elastic, imitation Tencel four-way elastic, elastic crepe de chine, some small and medium-sized shipments have increased, the price is basically stable, and some parts are rising slightly.

A variety of medium and thin natural memory elastic fabrics that are both fashionable and are mainly used to make summer women's clothing. They are favored by counterpart customers for their innovative fabric surface, elastic fabric quality, and "memory" style. Polyester FDY filament composite blended spun fiber yarn with spandex filament inlaid elastic fabric made of bright filament, (FDY+DTY) composite filament and cationic color yarn woven with spandex blended spun fiber yarn and bright silk cationic bright silk elastic fabric And many other varieties, because of the innovative fabrics, superior texture, and prices that meet the needs of popular consumption, they are favored by counterparts. In summer, polyester-spandex elastic fabrics, counterparts mainly deal in multiple batches of spot transactions or place orders.

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