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[Features of elastic nonwoven fabric]
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The elastic nonwoven fabric is a new non-woven product that breaks the impermeable, too tight and telescopic. The elastic non-woven fabric is produced by PP medical grade material, and no recycled material and reconstiton are added.

Features of elastic nonwoven fabric:

1. Features refusal, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic and non-irritating, colorful. If the material is placed in an outdoor and natural decomposition, the longest life is only 90 days, and it is placed in the room within 5 years. It is not toxic, odorless, and there is no legacy substance, so that the environment is coming. .

2. Short process flow, fast production, high production, low cost, and many use of raw materials.

3. elastic nonwoven fabric is completely broken, too tight, telescopic small situation, completely solving these side effects of extrusion caused abdominal redness, itchy, is moderate, telescopic, feel soft, breathable Sex, no tightness.

The elastic nonwoven fabric can also be single-played, full bomb, four-sided bomb, pattern. The elastic nonwoven fabric is a landscape, longitudinally pulled, and elastic nonwoven fabric. The reason why flexibility is due to the addition of elastic masterbatch.

Elastic nonwoven fabric application in eye mask, steam eye mask, 3D mask, boom strap, ear mounted material, mask substrate, medical adhesive, ryptry stickers, plaster stickers, fitness belts, weight loss belts, beauty head casing, jacket, knee pads, Flexible bandage, baby diaper adult blind pants waist circumference materials.

Dongyang Lai Chi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual output of more than 40 million square meters of elastic non-woven production line, SSS nonwoven production line, SMS non-woven production line, and a series of elastic deep processing equipment, professional production and sales nonwoven fabric, spinning Nonwoven fabricelastic nonwoven fabric, medical nonwoven fabric, is your trusted nonwoven manufacturer .

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