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In the past few days, at IDEA2022 in Florida, Junfu Group demonstrated the first wiping technology Joform. Junfu earlier completed the construction of a new commercial production line for the production of high-quality, unique wiping materials. The production line is scheduled to produce commercial products in the third quarter, with commercial samples due in the second quarter of 2022.

IDEA 2022

This new "breakthrough" technology from Junfu will provide wipe materials with strength, absorbency and comfort superior to today's leading suppliers in the field. The production line is located at the Junfu Hygiene "hub" and headquarters in Weifang, Shandong. In addition to wet wipe applications, the technology has also shown unique suitability for other applications in the hygiene and medical fields.

Junfu has launched a state-of-the-art Reicofil 5 production line in Wuxi, Jiangsu, designed for high-end medical nonwoven  products. The production line is currently in the commissioning stage and some products have already been commercialized. This latest technology from Reicofil, combined with the company's expertise in raw materials and technology, will allow it to penetrate the premium medical nonwovens market with products that offer superior comfort, protection and cost structure.

By next month, all four of Junfu's manufacturing facilities will be ISCC+ certified.

Regarding ISCC certified companies, you can see the previous article: Another nonwovens company has obtained ISCC International Sustainable Development and Carbon Certification!

Reicofil showcases high-performance and sustainable nonwovens

Nonwoven line specialist Reifenh Reicofil presents its portfolio of high performance and sustainable nonwovens at IDEA 22 under the slogan "Living Nonwovens". From sustainable and bio-based fabrics to high-barrier nonwovens with optimized performance and reliable filtration properties, to nonwovens made from post-consumer waste. Set new benchmarks in quality, performance, usability, efficiency and machine intelligence with the current RF5 machine.

In terms of sustainability, Reicofil offers various ways to save fossil raw materials, such as processing bio-based raw materials into ecological alternatives - such as diapers. Here, the topsheet material made of the bulky, soft and industrially compostable High Loft nonwoven meets the highest hygiene requirements. For industrial applications, high-strength nonwovens can even be processed from PET flakes that are up to 90% from post-consumer waste. This is how Reicofil is the perfect way to demonstrate the combination of sustainability and high performance nonwovens.

Another highlight is the so-called BiCo technology. In this process, two different raw materials are combined in one fiber during spunbonding, creating a bimetallic effect and causing fiber crimp. This opens up entirely new doors for manufacturers to gain access to single fibers.

In the medical sector, Reicofil showcased its leading high-barrier medical protective clothing solutions and, together with its sister business unit Reifenh Cast Sheet Coating, a pioneering production process for ultra-thin coatings, enabling customers to produce more cost-effective The production of film-nonwoven composites - is efficient and therefore competitive. The COVID-19 pandemic and current supply bottlenecks have exposed companies' reliance on global supply chains. This situation is both a warning sign and an opportunity to radically strengthen local production of semi-finished products. By eliminating the need for hot melt adhesives, the jointly developed process enables significant cost savings and easier line maintenance. With patent-pending ultra-thin coating technology, producers can reduce film grammage by 66%.

With the Reifenh Group's new data platform c.Hub, Reicofil offers its customers digital solutions tailored to the requirements of nonwovens production. Customers can securely connect, centrally store and easily analyze data from Reicofil machines, peripherals, ERP and MES systems via the c.Hub middleware. c.Hub is available as a native solution along with various packages. It can be deployed locally and remains under the full data sovereignty of the user. Through the web-based ExtrusionOS user interface, customers can keep an eye on their production and machine status anytime, anywhere.

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