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[AHLSTROM-MUNKSJ & # 246; launched electric vehicle filter media, potential market is expected to grow at 35% per year]
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Today, electricity is the fastest growing energy, obviously the future fuel. With the rapid expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the annual growth rate of electric vehicles will reach two digits to support the reducing air pollution and should have key environmental goals such as climate change. It is estimated that by 2030, electric vehicles will account for 25% of light vehicle production.

Ahlstrom-Munksj understands the market challenge and has developed a number of commercial solutions to meet the needs of high performance filtration materials for electric vehicles. This includes filtration solutions for motor cabin air, transmission and cooling systems.

"I am very happy to introduce you to our Filtev platform," Industrial filtering and new car business development supervisor Cedric Vallet said. "Using our existing existing technology platform, the product highlights the innovation advantage of our new electric car product portfolio, and shows our commitment to this market. Therefore, we plan to further expand the solution in this field in the next few months. Solution combination, including fuel cell air intake. "

"We are determined to take the necessary measures to ensure that Ahlstrom-Munksj has become the leading filtration supplier of electric vehicles," Daniele Borlatto, Executive Vice President of Filtering and Performance Solutions Business Area. " "This launch has strengthened our commitment to electrification. At present, we are currently providing filtration solutions for electric vehicles, as well as Forticell platform, fiber-based energy storage solutions."

Prior to 2030, the annual potential of electric vehicle filtration media was expected to grow at a rate of 35% per year and reached about 100 million euros.

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