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How to choose the kind of medical non-woven fabrics you want, what are the properties of high-quality medical non-woven fabrics, and what are the different types of medical non-woven fabrics
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[How to choose a medical non-woven fabric of the kind you want?]
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How to choose a medical non-woven fabric of the kind you want?

Medical non-woven fabrics have a wide range of products in the medical and health field, such as protective clothing non-woven fabrics, mask non-woven fabrics, and antibacterial non-woven fabrics. Today, medical supplies such as masks and protective clothing are unprecedentedly scarce. Because of the variety of non-woven fabrics and the various parameters, many buyers cannot correctly choose the type of medical non-woven fabric they want.

High-quality medical non-woven fabrics have the following properties:

1. The outer layer is spun-bonded with filaments and the inner layer is melt-blown with superfine fibers.

2. Low weight, high strength, high elongation, high air permeability and strong water resistance.

3. Good product uniformity and high opacity.

4. The spunbond layer is composed of continuous filaments with good breaking strength and elongation.

5. It has a good barrier effect on moisture, bacteria, dust, etc.

6. It has high water pressure resistance and good air permeability.

7. Good acid and alkali resistance

8. The melt blown layer is composed of continuous superfine fibers.

9. Can produce different colors.

Different types of medical non-woven fabrics:

1. Functional dressing: liquid dressing, chitosan, chitin, transfusion membrane, obstetric cord, biological hemostatic membrane, etc.;

2. Biological materials: biodegradable materials, interventional materials, drug-loaded materials, drug sustained-release preparations, etc.;

3. Surgical supplies: PVC medical gloves, surgical kits, delivery kits, surgical gowns (caps), surgical films/pads/hole towels, etc.;

4. Pasting materials: medical adhesive plaster, breathable tape, medical non-sensitive tape/paper-based tape, anti-adhesion washing fluid for surgery;

5. Wound care materials: medical cotton balls, cotton swabs, bandages, band aids, first aid kits, absorbent cotton, absorbent gauze, gauze pads;

6. Medical textiles: medical bed sheets, quilts, protective clothing, protective mouth sets, isolation clothing, tablecloths, bibs, aprons, etc.;

7. Medical non-woven fabrics: various medical (spunlace, heat-stranded, spunbonded, elastic, plain weave, babble, absorbent cotton) non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, SMS non-woven fabrics, melt-blown non-woven fabrics , Rolls, sheets and post-processing non-woven products

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