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3D mask
  • 3D masks are made of stretch nonwovens

  • Description
  • Filter dust, pollen and smoke. Helps block harmful chemicals, particles and bacteria. The unique design helps to reduce the spread and infection of airborne diseases.

    Traditional latex or rubber bands can cause local discomfort to the user due to uneven pressure. With the unique characteristics of the elastic non-woven fabric, the mask is comfortable and fit, and achieves certain filtration efficiency and protection.

    The three-layer high-filter mask is officially certified by Nielsen Laboratories, Inc., with an average BFE rate of 97% (bacterial filtration efficiency). This mask is very suitable for use in ordinary workplaces and public places, and is effective against viruses such as bird flu. Soft, fit and stress-free comfort. It also eliminates the irritation and sensitization of traditional rubber/milk tape.

    Other features include:

    High filtration capacity to block 97% of particles larger than 3 microns.

    Effective stretching/recovery without rubber/milk tape.

    Soft, fit, and stress-free comfort.

    No additives, no irritation, no allergies.

    Patented flexible nonwoven technology, low cost and high production speed.

    The material can be completely recovered or incinerated without generating harmful gas emissions.

    The material can be completely recycled or incinerated without producing harmful emissions - sustainable products.

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